Delivery & Site Preparation

Having a suitable site prepared is very important for your storage shed to be set up properly.

  • We recommend a leveled 3″ – 4″ base of 3/4″ crushed rock or gravel. Another option is a cement pad for bigger sheds or buildings.
  • Smaller sheds can be placed on the ground and blocked; however, we recommend installing crushed rock or cement pad when able.
  • The customer is responsible for site prep and making sure there is enough room to maneuver your storage shed in place.
  • Remember: your building will only be as level as the pad you prepare for it!
  • D&M is not responsible for any tracks or ruts caused by the delivery truck and trailer on your property, the neighbors, or any adjoining property. The decision to drive in your yard is ultimately at your discretion. The driver will proceed with the delivery with your approval taken as granted, unless advised otherwise.
  • If a property line is to be crossed, the customer is required to make necessary arrangements with the neighbors prior to the delivery of a storage shed.
  • Make sure objects that are not clearly visible are marked by flags for safe maneuvering, i.e. lawn sprinklers, pipes, and wires.
  • Trim or tie back tree branches to create open passage for the vehicle and product.
  • We recommend a level gravel pad.
  • D&M is not responsible for any local permits for any buildings.